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Der letzte Auftrag des Tages einer Fahrradkurier-Firma geht an den ehemaligen Jurastudent Wilee. Er ist speziell von der chinesischen Mitbewohnerin seiner Freundin angefordert worden, um einen Briefumschlag nach Chinatown zu bringen. Doch sobald. Premium Rush ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm, der am Oktober Deutschlandpremiere hatte. Regie führte David Koepp, die Hauptrolle übernahm​. Premium Rush. ()1h 27minX-Ray Die Fahrradkuriere von New York sind eine eingeschworene Gemeinschaft, die sich auf ihren "Fixies", Fahrräder. - Kaufen Sie Premium Rush günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Die Hauptfigur von Premium Rush, der New Yorker Fahrradkurier Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), ist für seine Waghalsigkeit bekannt.

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In Premium Rush muss Joseph Gordon-Levitt als furchtloser New Yorker Fahrradkurier einen brisanten Brief unter anderem gegen den Cop Michael Shannon. Die Hauptfigur von Premium Rush, der New Yorker Fahrradkurier Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), ist für seine Waghalsigkeit bekannt. Premium Rush ein Film von David Koepp mit Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon. Inhaltsangabe: Der New Yorker Fahrradkurier Wilee.

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Looper Here [ first lines ] Wilee : I can't work in an online deja vu. Fargo: Season 3. Film Music Reporter. Theatrical release poster. Doom Patrol. Nima's mother calls her and confirms that she and Nima's son have gotten on the ship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The New York Times. Wilee is one of 1, bike couriers in Manhattan who rides on the edge 1994 voyeur having a bike with no brakes. Watch the video.

Aasif Mandvi Raj. Christopher Place Bike Cop. Additional information Directors David Koepp. Directors David Koepp. Studio Sony Pictures.

Subtitles English CC. Released year Age rating Parental guidance Duration 1 h 30 min. Size 5. Additional terms Terms of transaction.

Windows Windows 8, Windows 8. Rated 3. One day, a Chinese foreign student named Nima arranges for him to deliver a vital envelope across the city.

Unfortunately, a crooked cop, Det. Robert Monday, has a desperate need for that envelope himself and won't take "No" for an answer.

Now, Wilee finds himself relentlessly pursued by Monday and others in a situation becoming more complicated and dangerous by the minute.

Together with his friends and rivals, Wilee must discover the secret of this dangerous delivery and make it through a gauntlet that will require all his cunning, daring and courage to survive.

Wilee is a Manhattan bicycle messenger. He is a Columbia law school graduate, who forwent the bar exam, basically putting off his white collar life in favor for being paid, albeit poorly, to do something he loves, namely cycling, although he realizes he cannot do it forever.

Although riding his single gear brakeless bicycle is seen as reckless by most, he asserts that he in the past had only gotten into trouble when he hesitated by braking, especially as he has an uncanny ability to quickly scan a busy situation for the best path to cause the least disruption both to himself and to others.

He is currently having problems with his girlfriend Vanessa, a fellow bike messenger who solely sees her job as a means to pay for her education and a better life.

Wilee and Vanessa are in a close knit profession, which still has its internal rivalries, Wilee's especially with Manny, who also is interested in Vanessa romantically.

Late one afternoon, Wilee is given a premium rush job at a local college, which he is surprised to learn is from Vanessa's soon to be ex-roommate Nima, who had to ask Vanessa to leave their joint living situation for a personal reason having nothing to Vanessa herself.

Kelvin Whui as Dealer. Brian Koppelman as Loan Shark. Hoon Lee as Floor Manager. Boyce Wong as Mr. Jimmy P. Wong as Enormous Asian Man.

Kenny Wong as Second Asian Man. Tak-bun Wong as Second Asian Man. Jade Wu as Bingo Caller. Lyman Chen as 2nd Floor Manager. Darlene Violette as Debra.

Henry O. Kin Shing Wong as Sudoku Man. Jason A. Iannacone as 21st Precinct Cop. Ted Sod as Worker. Alexis Krauss as Sleigh Bells.

Derek Miller as Sleigh Bells. Carsey Walker, Jr. Carsey Walker Jr. Matthew Rauch as Paramedic. Victor Chan as Squad Cop.

Sosko as Uniform Cop - Impound Cop. Ruth Zhang as Nima's Mom. Bojun Wang as Nima's Son. Richard Hsu as Clipboard Guy China.

Mario D'Leon as Moosey. Kate Manning as Bike Chick. Fernando Rivera as Cyclehawk Guy. Djani Johnson as Johnny. Wai Ching Ho as Sister Chen.

Definitive Michael Shannon Performances. Rotten Tomatoes Radio: Episode January 8, Full Review….

July 31, Full Review…. January 26, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 23, I only saw it on TV but when I started watching, it was impossible for me not to stick until the end.

Gripping, exciting, and actually quite rare. Maymay A Super Reviewer. Apr 09, His latest job is a long run to Columbia University to pick up an envelope which Bobby Michael Shannon has a more than healthy interest in.

After Wilee reads him the union rules about not surrendering packages, Bobby tries to run him down but Wilee escapes.

Soon after, Wilee as a concerned citizen goes to report Bobby. With two arguably overqualified actors in the leads, "Premium Rush" has a set-up to die for with its promise of a game of cat and mouse in real time with the filmmakers using Manhattan as their own personal playground to the hilt.

While they do get turned around at one point and Wilee requires directions more than absolutely necessary, the chase sequences are definitely exciting and flashy without violating the laws of physics.

However, it is one thing to give Wilee a totally unecessary backstory; it is much worse for the movie to twist itself into knots over the Maguffin, even bringing things to a halt a couple of times.

And I am not exactly buying the ending either. Walter M Super Reviewer. Feb 17, When I saw it at the library I thought Why not? It's free sooo after watching it I thought it was just going to be a movie about bike messengers chasing each other through the streets of NY while being chased by the police but it was way better than that.

Brody M Super Reviewer. Aug 08, Now this is how to make an action flick! A small one, mind you, but it's one of the most fun pictures to come out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a bicycle messenger in Manhattan who lands the unfortunate job of delivering a small slip of paper worth a ton of money.

Corrupt cop Michael Shannon, trying to pay off a Chinatown gambling debt, gets wind of the item and attempts to relieve JGL of it.

Unfortunately for Shannon, JGL is a pretty darn fast rider and great with stunts, and soon he has the help of his girlfriend Dania Ramirez , who is also a bicycle messenger.

It's just a simple chase movie, but it's perfectly edited and paced, with well-timed jumps back in time to explain the situation.

This is the perfect place for his style of menace. Well worth your time. Bruce B Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Bike Cop: Hey!

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Premium Rush (2012) Movie Trailer HD Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Diese Website benutzen Cookies. Irgendwie ist der radelnde Held aber zu grazil, um es mit den motorisierten und schwer bewaffneten Kollegen des Actionkinos aufzunehmen. So ungewöhnlich ein Pedalritter als Action-Held auf den ersten Blick erscheint, so rasant ist Koepps Article source geraten. Namensräume Article source Diskussion. Safe House - Niemand ist sicher. premium rush Die deutsche Free TV-Premiere war am Eigentlich lief der Film ab August in den deustchen Kinos an. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Learning silverado film Drive - Fahrstunden fürs Leben. Continue reading ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Wilee und Vanessa eilen dem Read more nach, verunfallen und verlieren Wilees Rad, in dessen Lenkstange er zuvor den Schein versteckt hat, können aber am Ende mit Hilfe eines Flashmobs anderer Fahrradkuriere Monday ausschalten und den Umschlag rechtzeitig abliefern. Adrenalin pur! Nutzer carow leonard sich diesen Film vorgemerkt.

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Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Dead Fucking Last. Was mich jetzt nicht überzeugt hat, war die Geschichte des Detectives, aber das sei jedem selbst überlassen. Es stellt sich heraus, dass es sich um eine Hawala -Geldtransaktion handelt, die dafür sorgen soll, dass Nimas Kind in die Vereinigten Staaten einreisen kann. Premium Rush: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. In Premium Rush muss Joseph Gordon-Levitt als furchtloser New Yorker Fahrradkurier einen brisanten Brief unter anderem gegen den Cop Michael Shannon. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Premium Rush" von David Koepp: In seinen Anfängen war der Film eine Jahrmarktsattraktion und bis heute kann er uns. Premium Rush ein Film von David Koepp mit Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon. Inhaltsangabe: Der New Yorker Fahrradkurier Wilee. Rush hour in New York. Adrenalin pur! Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) ist Bikekurier und hat für diesen einen Job, dem Premium Rush, 90 Minuten, um seine Fracht. Auch möglich: Abo ohne Kommentar. Und so verschwindet eine umweltpädagogische Botschaft — insofern sie denn hier überhaupt angelegt war — vollkommen in einer seichten und austauschbaren Thrillerhandlung. Verleiher Sony Pictures Germany. So ungewöhnlich ein Pedalritter als Action-Held auf den ersten Blick erscheint, read article rasant ist Koepps Thriller geraten. Listen mit Premium Rush. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Source unserer Website. Clever setzt click at this page Details ein besonders effektiv ist etwa ein kleiner Hinweis just click for source einen kritischen Aufsatz zur Lage in Tibet im Zusammenspiel mit einer düsteren Szene im strömenden Regen Chinas premium rush, behält bei aller Abwechslung aber immer seine Haupthandlung im Blick — allerdings mit einem Augenzwinkern. Learning to Drive - Fahrstunden fürs Leben. Martin D. Dania Ramirez. Total Recall. Ähnliche Filme. Mitchell Amundsen. Lauren Ashley Carter. Aaron Tveit.


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