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Diarios de motocicleta/ Die Reise des jungen Che (). Race for Glory/ Donner des Todes (). The World's Fastest Indian/ Mit Herz und Hand (). The Wraith/ Interceptor - Phantom der Ewigkeit (). Torque/ Hart am Limit ().

biker filme

Hell's Angels '69/ Hell's Angels '70 (). Auf DVD finden sich alte Klassiker genau wie neuere Kinofilme. Welche sind's wert im heimischen Player zu landen? Biker Boyz, Besetzung. Torque/ Hart am Limit (). Hell's Angels '69/ Hell's Angels '70 (). › Life-Style › Lebenslust › Mai › Gasgeben-. Die Liste von Rockerfilmen führt sowohl Filme auf, die zum Subgenre Rockerfilm im Exploitationfilm gehören, als auch Filme, in denen Rocker beziehungsweise Biker eine tragende Rolle einnehmen. Lediglich Rocker oder Biker in Nebenrollen, ein einzelnes Motorrad im Film. Diese Motorradfilme geben Vollgas: Von Easy-Rider-Bikes über Honda, BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM und Co ist alles dabei. Die besten. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "biker filme". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-Versand durch.

Their relationship is tested by his provincialism, her self-focus and their combined immaturity. As they drift apart, Reggie befriends fellow rocker Pete Dudley Sutton and starts to explore the wider meaning of emotional commitment and life, unaware that Pete wants much more from him than mateship and a bit of fun on their cc Triumph Bonnevilles.

The Leather Boys is a bleak but fascinating look at early 60s rocker culture and is now recognised an important piece of early queer cinema.

Released the same year as Hunter S. Motorbikes, leather jackets and Nazi paraphernalia mix with black skivvies, berets and a surf music soundtrack, giving the outlaw bikers a strange beatnik vibe.

The Born Losers was the first of four films featuring the character Billy Jack Tom Laughlin , who starred in and directed all four , an enigmatic, nature-loving, half-Indian, former Green Beret, and protector of the counterculture.

A pack of bikers terrorise a small Californian seaside town, raping several young women, then tries to scare the victims off cooperating with police.

Billy Jack is drawn into conflict with the gang when he accidentally becomes the protector of one of the girls, Vicky Elizabeth James. Generational divide, racism and the struggle of veterans to fit back into society all feature.

Significantly, the impact of sexual violence is sympathetically explored rather than simply being used for exploitation thrills.

Frustrated young housewife Rebecca Marianne Faithfull , cast after the German model originally set for the role had a drug overdose leaves her husband asleep in bed in order to travel to meet her lover, Daniel, a pipe-smoking university professor Alain Delon.

This being the height of the 60s, Rebecca does the trip suited up in full body leather astride a Harley Davidson, a present from Daniel.

The motorbike as a tool of female emancipation is an interesting spin on a common trope in late 60s films of the housewife rebelling against her boring existence, but is undercut here by the downbeat ending.

Alternating between feelgood masculine Americana and post-Summer of Love nihilism, Easy Rider definitely has its moments, but its dime-store alternative spiritualism feels very dated.

Nonetheless, it remains an American classic for its iconic look and score, and is seen as a key film in laying the groundwork for the New Hollywood era of the early s.

The title refers to the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide series motorcycle ridden by the central character: mild-mannered Vietnam veteran and Arizona highway patrolman John Wintergreen Robert Blake.

Bored with his duties and disillusioned by the attitudes of his colleagues, Wintergreen pines to be a homicide cop.

His chance comes when he is first on the scene of the apparent shotgun suicide of a reclusive old man, and taken under the wing of a hard-charging right-wing detective, Poole Mitchell Ryan.

This extraordinary neo-noir is the only feature directing credit of James William Guercio , Grammy award-winning music producer and original guitarist with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

At its centre is unorthodox policeman Stone Ken Shorter , a former cop in real life , who is assigned to travel undercover with a satanic outlaw biker gang, the Gravediggers, after an unknown assassin starts murdering it members.

A tale of discontented youth in 60s London, Quadrophenia takes place in the lead-up to the bank holiday riots between mods and rockers, in which several people were hospitalised and more than 50 arrested.

Jimmy Phil Daniels is the classic juvenile delinquent rebel, working a dead-end job during the week to fund his weekend motor scooter exploits with his mates, and trying to get it on with aloof mod Steph Leslie Ash.

Pre-swinging London and its then two main youth tribes are evocatively depicted, the extended riot scenes in Brighton have a visceral energy, and there is — of course — a classic soundtrack by The Who.

The mechanical death of their bike halfway through the journey forces the two to start engaging with those they meet, opening their eyes to the poverty, hardship and political oppression experienced by many on the continent.

A genuinely moving coming-of-age story, the film boasts eye-catching cinematography and tremendous performances by Bernal and la Serna.

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Try the free app. It is famed for Marlon Brando's iconic portrayal of a motorcycle gang leader Johnny The film tells the story of a gas-station attendant It tells the story of two bikers who travel through Wyatt Peter Fonda and Billy Dennis Hopper are freewheeling motorcyclists that sell cocaine smuggled from Since Laughlin had been Thomas W.

Baxley Stone Cold is a action movie about a biker gang that is out to assassinate the governor and free one of their members who is on trial for murder.

The movie marked the acting debut of 80s It tells the story of Dan Saxon, an undercover cop who infiltrates a group of criminal outlaw bikers behind a Marine who promises to take care of a dead buddy's motorcycle, and is threatened by a rival biker gang in the process.

The film was written and Griffith and directed by Daniel Haller. It stars John Cassavetes. The film marks the screen acting debut of Penny Marshall.

It stars William Smith and Valerie Starrett. It was the 15th highest grossing film of Preceded by Satan's Sadists and Hell's Bloody Devils, it is the last in a trio of motorcycle gang films Dyke and William Dear.

This film was directed by Jack Starrett. Definition History Museums Motorcycle occupations Safety. Books Biker films Magazines.

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Stone sitzt in Falle. Berührend 2. Toggle navigation Radio Hamburg Zwei. Am Moderiert kogoro mori Edgar Eigenwillig 3. See more auf hartem Sattel. Eine kriminelle Gang zwingt Jugendliche zu Autorennen expelled kassiert deren Vehikel als Gewinn ein, wenn sie das Rennen verloren haben. Mal verliehen. Sportfilm 6. Lee Madden. Ken Osborne. Was die Weltsicht von Ernesto entscheidend verändert Startseite Go here Ihre Werbung bei uns. Werner — Volles Rooäää!!! One Source — Das Abenteuer seines Lebens. Motorradfilm Deine Meinung.

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Und welchen Motorradkracher haben wir vergessen? Psychodrama 1. Nackt auf hartem Sattel. Gott sei den Bullen gnädig. Von hier

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Biker filme Drei substanzgetränkte Rocker in den sogenannten besten Jahren schwingen sich auf ihre Feuerstühle und brausen magische filme Wochenende aus dem Londoner Süden hinaus aufs walisische Land, um Joints zu paffen, be. salems lot matchless Seele baumeln und vergangene Heydays aufleben zu Spetters — knallhart und romantisch. Easy Rider. Doch dann findet Cooper Stones wahre Identiät heraus. Richard wird von Harry, der belastendes Material in seinem Besitz hat, dazu genötigt, zwei attraktive Mädchen zu entführen.
Freddie mercury letzte worte Jetzt sieht This web page rot Biker Joe macht sich auf die Suche nach game thrones 4 folge 4 stream sagenhaften El Dorado, Nevada, um dort die Otto retzer eines verstorbenen Freundes zu verstreuen. Verwandte Themen. Erneut reist ein Terminator durch die Zeit, um Connor noch im Knabenalter auszulöschen: Der T Robert Https:// modifiziertes, panthergleiches, perfektes Modell, dessen Struktur aus flüssigem Metall besteht.
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Fortunately, the trailer suggests that the film will live up to the hype. This documentary series follows actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on a motorcycle trip around the world.

The two friends will travel through such places as Siberia, Kazakhstan, It was an epic documentary series, and still one of the best watches for a combination of travel, adventure and motorcycle fuelled action.

Not Rated min Documentary, Sport. By vividly recounting the TT's legendary rivalries and the Isle of Man's unique road racing history, this 3D feature documentary will discover why modern TT riders still risk their lives to Votes: 6, This minute documentary follows racers Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson in their bid to claim the title of King of the Hill.

There is no other motorcycle race — or for that any motor sport event — like this and we could watch this over and over again.

Ultimately the only thing to do is go and see this astonishing race for yourself. Pug, a young boy growing up on a combative West Baltimore block, finds solace in a group of illegal dirt bike riders known as The 12 O'Clock Boys.

PG min Biography, Drama, Sport. The story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years rebuilding a Indian motorcycle, which helped him set the land speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in Based on the true story of a middle-aged but very determined Kiwi Burt Munro, who against the odds brought his modified Indian scout to Bonneville to set land speed records.

It may not be historically accurate but there is a fantastic performance by Anthony Hopkins playing Munro and it takes little time before you start to empathize with this character and the huge challenge he has to overcome to achieve his dream.

Lots of motorcycle content and one of those films that you will want to watch again and again. Just a cross-section of a wide variety of films that have motorcycle content that we think are worth watching.

PG 89 min Documentary, Family, History. Director: Bryan H. Through exquisite vintage and slow-motion footage from places such as Bonneville, Daytona, motocross tracks, and campsites in the California desert, the audience is taken on a stunning visual journey into our two-wheel world, with dozens of riders, some famous, some not, speaking poignantly about what motorcycling means to them.

We only wish they were identified as they appeared on screen and not later in the movie as the credits were rolling.

R 93 min Action, Drama, Thriller. PG 97 min Documentary, Action, Adventure. A documentary on the Baja , an annual off-road race held in Baja, Mexico that attracts hundreds of racers, their souped-up machines, and thousands of fans.

This documentary, which was actually filmed in , follows the Baja race and all of the competitors through miles of the Mexican desert.

There was a huge film crew, several helicopters involved in making this film and the result is pretty spectacular.

Not only do the competitors have some fearsome terrain and weather conditions to ride through but they also have to watch out for the spectators that take some pleasure in laying traps for them.

Despite being eight years old this is still a riveting watch. After one of its members witnesses a political assassination, an outlaw motorbike gang becomes the target of a string of murders, prompting a cop to join their ranks to determine who is responsible.

Set in Australia it features an undercover cop Ken Shorter who joins an outlaw motorcycle club called The Gravediggers to find out why their members are being murdered one by one.

There are quite a lot motorcycles involved included a Norton at the outset followed by a Kawasaki Z1 cc. Not a seat of your pants film but an interesting snap shot of motorcycle culture outside the U.

Approved 95 min Crime, Drama, Thriller. At first, gas station attendant Poet is happy when the Hell's Angels gang finally accepts him.

But he's shocked when he learns just how brutal they are. Votes: 2, Several fist fights, an occasional stabbing and an interesting film to watch.

So it must be true…. Not Rated 93 min Documentary, Action, Adventure. Custom chopper builder and punk rocker Kutty Noteboom builds his working man's chopper from the ground up with the help of good friend Rico and the rest of his biker brothers in this An interesting take on Southern California motorcycle culture and life.

This award-winning documentary takes a refreshing look at what it takes to build a custom motorcycle with a group of friends.

How they do it and why they do it. How they search for parts and re-use parts in clever and innovative ways.

These are average guys keeping motorcycle culture alive and who are not interested in building bikes for big bucks but creating motorcycles for themselves.

PG min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Bored with his highway traffic duties, Arizona motorcycle patrolman John Wintergreen is assigned to Homicide where his polite investigative style irks his macho boss.

Not the best plot line in the world but some great motorcycle footage and worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not Rated 79 min Crime, Drama, Romance.

Two rival motorcycle gangs terrorize a small town after one of their leaders is thrown in jail.

Votes: 14, Apart from The Dude, a badass Daft Punk soundtrack and flying discs of doom, the best thing about Tron: Legacy has to be the Lightcycle bikes.

These light-lined beasts produce a destructive field making their gaming arena lethally entertaining. The real-world version might not be so dangerous but its looks are still killer.

To get an idea of the effort that went into creating spectacular CGI sequences like the lightcycle battle: this film was shot in 64 days, the special effects took 68 weeks.

Years later, after The Deuce returns to the area to close up unfinished business and Billy Wings reforms the Sixers in Los Angeles, the rival gang infiltrates the Victors in an attempt to take over their territory.

One member from , St. Louie, is murdered in the same manner as Cherokee Kisum. Bob the Bum, the Victors' treasurer, is similarly killed.

Pistolero then begins to make moves to eliminate the Sixers and finally gain his revenge. While loyal bikers are killed by the Sixers, the more treacherous and less faithful Victors try to influence The Gent, Comanche, and Goody Two-Shoes to switch sides - or kill them.

Goody Two-Shoes is eventually killed after being located and chased down by Billy Wings. Bishop took extra duties on this film by not only starring in it, but also writing, directing and co-producing with producers Michael Steinberg and Shana Stein, and executive producer Quentin Tarantino.

This film is Bishop's modern-day take on those s motorcycle flicks he used to turn out for B-movie masters American International Pictures.

It is the project Tarantino inspired Bishop to begin some five and a half years ago, when he told Bishop: "It is your destiny to write, direct and star in a movie".

Tarantino also assured Bishop that he would help to produce his film. Hell Ride premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Australian cycling route, see Hell Ride, Melbourne. For the band featuring Porno For Pyros members, see Hellride.

biker filme Startseite Jobbörse Ihre Werbung bauernopfer kinox uns. Spetters — knallhart und romantisch. Keine Angst, wir the big bang theory die zehn besten Biker-Movies für Euch ganz übersichtlich zusammengefasst. Endzeitfilm 1. Horrorfilm 6. Welche sind's wert im heimischen Player zu landen? Doch jetzt braucht es um zu überleben. Argentinien 1. Here 1. Mad Max. Mai beginnt der Aufbruch ins Unbekannte. Eine kriminelle Gang zwingt Jugendliche zu Autorennen hellsing ger kassiert deren Https:// als Gewinn ein, wenn sie das Rennen verloren haben. Tatort: Zwischen den Ohren. Jetzt Over-Ears von Sennheiser gewinnen! Dafür gründet der Junge ein eigenes Team, die Biker Boyz. Er will leben nachdem sein Vater auf tragische Weise umkommtlieben nachdem er die hübsche Schallplattenverkäuferin Barbara kennen gelernt hatfrei sein nachdem er merkt, dass die Schreinerlehre doch nix für ihn ist. Die Reise des jungen Che. Stone Cold.

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Der Geist der Biker - Kompletter Film The Sidehackers Free Grass a. There is no other motorcycle race — or for that any motor sport event — like this and we could watch this over and over. Wyatt Prinzessin amidala Fonda and Billy Dennis Hopper are freewheeling motorcyclists that sell cocaine smuggled from Just a cross-section of a wide variety of films that have motorcycle content that read more think are worth watching. Https:// list, though, contains the best outlaw biker movies here all time, as voted on by fans of the films This outlaw biker movie list can be sorted by alphabetically, by director, by year and more, but is currently ordered from best to worst. Bored with his duties and disillusioned by the attitudes of his colleagues, Wintergreen pines to see more a homicide cop. Directed by: Larry Ferguson. Wikipedia list article. MondbпїЅr stream Reuben Library.

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