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Her Master seemed to get annoyed by the screams as was seen by the expression on his face. He got up and walked out of the room without saying a word.

She was drenched in her own sweat out of compelling anxiety. She could barely imagine what horrible tortures were being inflicted on that woman who was screaming.

She was petrified thinking that she could be subjected to something so horrible in the near future.

Suddenly the screams stopped. The time required for the screams to stop must be just the time required for her Master to walk up to that room.

She was convincing herself that perhaps her Master stopped the torture. She was expecting him to return to her now. She got back on her knees in just the position she was instructed to.

Her lingerie was still hanging from her body. But he was taking much longer than expected. She looked around the room. Earlier when she stepped into the room, she could barely look around as his compelling presence had all her attention.

Now that she was alone, she could feel the sensuality of the ambience. The room had purple curtains, with walls painted with a lighter colour, which gave a classy look to the room.

The furniture was exquisite; the natural browns of the wooden furniture were beautifully complimenting the golden yellow light pouring from the magnificent lamps.

One was the door through which her Master exited the room. There was another one, perhaps it led to the bathroom.

The floor was made up of white marble and it had streaks of her own blood that had been shed as her punishment.

The top and skirt she was wearing was lying in one corner. Suddenly she heard the door knob turn and her Master entered.

She lowered her gaze instantly. But seeing her kneel in a submissive position made him calm down a bit.

He grabbed the leash and pulled roughly and dragged her along as he walked towards the chair. There was something about her innocent expression that calmed him down.

She was lost in thought for a moment, thinking what he must have actually done. He snapped his fingers to bring her out of her thoughts.

She began to carry out his order with trembling hands. Her little finger whose nail had been just removed was still hurting and was beginning to swell a bit.

Her clumsy naive attempts to unbuckle his belt made him smile. She unzipped his pant, and the bulge of his erection became even more evident.

He guided her hand into his briefs, and she tried to withdraw her hand as soon as she touched his cock as she felt very embarrassed.

But he held her hand it place. She felt his neatly trimmed pubic hair, and his rock hard member eager to spring out of his briefs.

He guided her other hand to pull down his briefs. And soon his erect tool was out, and she knew she was going to be invaded soon.

This was the first time she was holding a penis in her hands. Her fingers were holding it only lightly and the delicate touch was tickling him.

He smiled at her innocence. He let her explore his cock for some time, and then suddenly grabbed her hair to gain control of her head and rammed his cock ruthlessly into her mouth.

She was shocked at this sudden invasion. Her knees were already hurting because there were not used to bearing her weight.

He moved her head back and forth over his cock slowly. She continued sucking obediently. She was beginning to enjoy the oral invasion; she was beginning to accept him.

He sat back on his chair and arched his neck backwards resting his head against the chair. He let go of her hair, but held on to the leash.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply enjoying the sensual feeling of invading her virgin mouth. He felt victorious to have so much control over this beautiful and entirely untouched maiden.

Pankhudi was doing her best to please her Master. She was having a cock in her mouth for the first time, and its size was quite mouthful for her.

She continued sucking gently as she could feel it harden even more between her lips. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

His arousal was rising and whatever was left of his humanity was diminishing. He looked at her with a devilish lust in his eyes.

He then pressed her head on his cock driving it deeper into her throat. She began to struggle and choke.

Pankhudi was tearful by now, she could barely breathe. But she was helpless. He continued making her take it deep throat for a while.

Suddenly he pulled her hair to remove it out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet by the leash. Pankhudi was highly aroused by now.

She got on to the bed in the instructed position. He pushed her head down so that her ass was sticking right up and told her to remain that way.

He pulled down her panty up to her knees; he noticed the wetness of her pussy as he did that. Pankhudi got scared hearing that.

Her body language clearly showed her apprehension. For now, just stay still while I apply a lubricant. She could feel him apply some soft get like lubricant on her anus.

She had been given enema before she was brought to him. She had been prepared well for anal sex. He inserted one finger in her virgin ass.

It was not very painful, the lubricant allowed it to slide in smoothly. She moaned. He put in another finger, and he could feel the tightness of her tissues.

He was delighted thinking about how it would feel like to have his cock in there. He withdrew his finger and applied some more lubricant before he pressed the tip of his cock on her anus.

She shuddered with anticipation of the penetration. He pushed in slowly grabbing her hips, and she began to feel the pain of invasion.

She began to groan and he body made involuntary jerky reflex reactions to oppose the penetration.

Her groans and screams became louder as the pain intensified as he cock slid inch by inch into her ass.

You are here for this very purpose. She shuddered with the impact and involuntarily clenched her anal muscles. He loved the wonderful feeling he got as he felt the already tight hole tighten even further.

He withdrew an inch and rammed it back into her ass giving a thrust. Then he started slow inward and outwards movement. The invasion was still painful, but the slow movement of his cock in her ass was stimulating her sexually.

Her pussy was dripping wet by now. He continued thrusting in and out of her ass and spanking her intermittently. The spanking left imprint of his fingers on her ass cheeks.

He got even more aroused seeing that. As his arousal reached its summit, he grabbed her hips and gave a few final hard thrusts. He shot a load of his cum inside her, she could hear his moans of pleasure.

He withdrew and grabbed her hair. He began to wipe his cock clean with it. Pankhudi could do nothing but take this humiliation.

She collapsed on the bed curled into a ball, drowning herself in tears. Her bra was still hanging from her shoulders and her panty down up to her knees.

She was feeling so used. He had used her for his pleasure without caring if she had any. Her arousal was making her pussy ache for sex, but she was denied pleasure.

She could do nothing but weep in helplessness. He grabbed the leash and locked it into a ring attached to the side of the bed.

Let it remain that way. Her energies were totally drained. He walked out of the room leaving her broken from within. She was in a total mess.

Her hair was disheveled, and he had used it like a tissue to clean up his lust. She could smell his cum all the time.

Her body covered in her own sweat. The juices of her desperate pussy were flowing out along her thighs, and she could feel the lubricant and his semen deposited in her ass.

And most humiliating was being forced to wear that near completely stripped lingerie that make making a mockery of her modesty. She was violated and used, and denied pleasure.

He was a tyrannical sadist, his actions proved that. She felt so broken, she closed her eyes. She hoped it to all end, like a nightmare.

But the nightmare only began when she woke up. She felt a finger stroking her nipple. The tingle arising out of it woke her.

She thought it must be her Master. A total stranger was standing before her. He was staring at her lustfully. She felt ashamed of her nakedness.

What has that beast done to you! Pankhudi looked at him in confusion. I work for him so I know him better than you. You are not the first, not will you be the last.

He is a sadist and all he knows to do to women is destroy their lives, dignity and even their perception of self worth.

He had reduced several respectable women to nothing but a piece of flesh with holes meant to be used by men to satisfy their lust.

I have an offer to make before it is too late. I can help you escape this place I trust my Master. I will come again in a few days, you may have changed your mind by then.

I am beginning to pity you even more now. She no longer knew whom to trust. Pankhudi was in doubt for a long time.

Of course he said he worked for him, but her instincts were telling her to trust her Master.

She was totally disoriented and had lost track of time. She no longer knew the date and time and there was no way she could find out.

There was no one who would let her know. She felt totally lost and mind-fucked. She was feeling hungry too.

She had no idea how much time had passed since she had her last meal. There was a glass of water placed nearby.

She drank water from it and tried to sleep. That was the only way she could relieve her anxiety and hunger.

She closed her eyes and tried to calm her mind. She fell asleep. She woke up to a strange sensation in her body. For a moment she thought she was dreaming, but she felt it again.

It was electric current running through her body. Within seconds, she received another shock, of a greater intensity enough to bring her to complete wakefulness.

She sat up on her bed hurriedly, still trying to recover from this sudden awakening. The black leather leash with which he restrained her to the bed was removed from her collar, and he had placed it across his lap.

Her unhooked bra was still hanging from her shoulder and her panty down to her knees. She was still in the state of total disarray, just the way he had left her.

He sat in a very relaxed posture. She froze in horror when she saw that he was holding a live scorpion in his other hand.

The creature was black and about four inches long, and looked really sinister. She watched the scorpion crawl over his fingers very slowly, and by his expression, he looked very comfortable.

He smiled watching his little pet move slowly as he guided its movement with his fingers. He was busy delightfully handling his other pet.

She got up and hastily walked towards him. Her panty around her knees was preventing full movement of her legs.

However clumsily but she made haste in carrying out his order. She knelt before him with her head bowed.

He could get a proper view of her bald pussy and almost totally exposed boobs. Whenever he was present around her, he commanded her exclusive attention, so much that she was barely even conscious about her nakedness.

Besides, fear of the nasty arachnid he was holding had clouded her mind. She knelt at a distance, as she was feeling very much scared of the creature that he was holding.

She moved towards him trembling with every small movement she made to get closer. When she was close enough for him to touch, he attached the leash to her collar and puller her even closer.

She cringed in fear. She tried to move away inch by inch. He pulled the leash to control her. She was breathing heavily, trembling and sweating.

She let out a faint scream, and although still on her knees, she began to struggle harder to get away. He held on to the leash, and forced her to look at the scorpion.

It was glistening black in colour, with large pincers, and a large tail. She could clearly see the intact stinger.

The sight of the scorpion brought back painful memory of the day she had actually experienced the sting. I beg you Master please no!

It was getting difficult for her to maintain her kneeling position because she was not used to it. Her back was paining, and her fear had made her weak.

He let her rest her head on his thigh. He fondled her head trying to calm her down. If the scorpion feels threatened, it will sting you.

Just be calm and nothing will happen. Her hand began to tremble with the scorpion on it. She nearly screamed when it crawled up to her elbow.

She would have nearly jerked her hand, but he held it firmly not allowing her to move an inch. You are not going to die.

Learn to face your fears. She was still quivering like a leaf. He pulled her other hand and placed it near her elbow and guided the scorpion onto her other hand.

It crawled slowly on her fingers. Now bend your fingers slightly, he will stay on your fingers. The memories of the painful sting were flashing repeatedly in her mind.

Her master was looking at her distressed expression and relishing it. He let her hold his pet for some time.

Pankhudi was kneeling stiff out of fear. He bent over and kissed her cheek, and grabbed the scorpion by its tail very close to the stinger and put it back on his hand.

She was very much relieved to have it off her. He put in back inside a small glass case that had small holes to allow the scorpion to breathe.

It was a small case, perhaps meant only for keeping the pet in it for a short time for carrying it from one place to another.

He made her lie down on the bed. He grabbed her wrists and secured them within the cuffs attached to the corners of the bed.

He restrained her ankles in a similar way. She was now restrained on the bed in a vulnerable spread eagle position.

She was completely naked before him, restrained and helpless. He slid a blindfold over her eyes. She felt all the more helpless. Next she felt a cane touching her bare skin.

She shuddered. He raised the cane and gave a sharp blow over her left breast. The impact not only made her scream but also left a linear welt.

He was monitoring her reactions very carefully. She had a submissive expression on her face, she was still in pain but she was also enjoying his touch.

He was expert at what he was doing. He knew exactly how to make his submissive feel both pain and pleasure at the same time. She started moaning faintly.

He grabbed her soft mounds in both his hands and stroked her nipples with his thumb. Her faint moans grew louder.

He gave her another blow with the cane. He bent over and kissed her lips. She was drowning in ecstasy, she wanted to hug him, hold him close to her body showing him how badly she wanted him, but her restraints prevented her from doing so.

Perhaps, her Master had restrained her to show her that she had no control over anything, that she was merely his toy and he could use her as he feels like.

He was skilfully interrupting her pleasure with pain with repeated blows from the cane. He continued touching her helpless naked body.

He moved his hands across her belly, tracing the curves of her waist. Pankhudi felt wetness gather between her forced apart legs. He could already smell her arousal.

He started stroking her thighs upwards. She could feel her sexual desires building, as she moaned louder. He suddenly pinched her nipples, making her writhe in pain.

Then he put a finger between her pussy lips; that made her shudder. She could feel unbearable tension build up in her sex that so badly needed release.

He bent over and gave her a passionate kiss, and continued playing with her body. No matter how much pain he caused her, but the absolute lack of control was turning her on.

She was totally primed for a blissful hard fuck. She wanted it so badly but was too ashamed to ask for it.

He sensed her hesitation and smiled like a devil. Tell me. Please fuck me Master! So mind your place. Denial was driving her crazy.

Her sex was so badly aching for an intercourse. But she knew she had to take this torture for as long as he wanted her to.

He freed her from the restrains and pulled her out of the bed by the leash. He dragged her up to the chair, sat down on it and asked her to kneel.

He pressed her hands against his crotch. She could feel his erection. Pankhudi was a quick learner. Besides she was fully aroused by now.

She took out his dick and held it gently in her tender fingers. She put her mouth on it and started sucking. Her stomach was totally empty so he knew she was not going to throw up.

She began to choke, but he had no mercy. Knowing her situation, she continued sucking obediently, till he was on the verge of orgasm.

He pulled her hair to get his dick out of her mouth just before his orgasm, and shot his cum over her face and breasts.

She will come here in a while, bring you food and bathe you, as prepare your ass for another fuck. Till then, stay right there. He left taking the scorpion along.

Pankhudi drew her hands and legs closer, and began to weep. He had used her again, and she was still yearning for pleasure.

She had been ruthlessly fucked in her mouth and ass, and now her face was decorated with his semen, how dirtier could it get?

He was deliberately not taking her pussy, he wanted her to break completely, lose her shame and beg to be fucked like a slut.

She knew it, and she knew she was breaking, but could do nothing about it. Pankhudi has lost a greater part of her shame already. Her arousal was still making her pussy ache.

She recalled how confidently the other man had refuted the presence of cameras in the room. She began to wonder if anyone was really watching.

But her need for an orgasm was too great to care even if anyone was. She was tempted to pleasure herself. She was too aroused to be able to control herself.

She gave in to the temptation. She dipped a finger in her dripping wet pussy. She was so much aroused already, her index finger rubbing over her clit was sending waves of pleasure through her body.

She lightly touched her neck and brought her hand down to her breasts, stroking her nipple. Her other hand started stroking the other nipple.

She arched her neck and back as she let her body enjoy the blissful feeling she was experiencing. She moved one hand downwards touching the inner side of her thighs stroking them lightly and then touching her already wet and waxed pussy lips.

She slipped the finger in between and began to feel her swollen and throbbing clitoris. She rubbed first lightly, then harder and harder.

She was unaware how loud her moans were, she was lost in ecstasy, she was hardly aware of anything other than her body and the pleasure that she was experiencing.

She felt the tension rise to a summit. Just before the heavenly release, she let herself fall onto the bed resting her back against the soft satin sheet and spreading her legs wide in ecstasy.

Everything around her faded into the background as waves of ecstasy surged through her body and she convulsed in orgasmic bliss.

She opened her eyes after she got her much needed release. She just lay calm on her bed waiting for Dahlia.

After some time, a woman entered her room after knocking the door. Pankhudi was surprised to see her etiquette. The woman was a middle aged woman, and had a kind expression on her face.

She led Pankhudi to the bathroom. The bathroom was exquisite and had all the amenities anyone could imagine. Dahlia prepared a warm water bath for her.

She then gave Pankhudi a quick enema. Pankhudi had experienced it before so she was more cooperative this time. And it was indeed good for her health, considering that she was going to be put through.

Dahlia added some fragrant bath oils to the tub. She asked Pankhudi to lie down in the bathtub. She used a fragrant shampoo to wash her hair, and began to scrub the rest of her body clean.

Pankhudi was just lying calmly in the tub, enjoying the pampering. The fragrant bath oils coating her skin making it even softer and the lovely aroma was soothing and relaxing her.

After the bath, Dahlia offered her a soft towel to dry herself and brought her out of the bathroom. She told her to relax on the bed till she brought her food.

Or perhaps it was her hunger that was the best sauce. Dahlia left her alone to have her food and returned only later to collect the plates.

Pankhudi felt really good after the refreshing treatment she was just given. She was naked, but now she was more or less used to it.

She had nothing to do other than wait for her Master. At the back of her mind, she as still thinking about the other man who had entered her room before and the warning he gave.

That left her mentally disturbed, but there was nothing she could do about it. When no one entered the room for a long time, she fell asleep.

It was probably her Master, but she needed to be sure. She could see nothing because she was already blindfolded.

She wanted to feel him, but she found herself restrained. She recognised his voice and calmed down.

She sensed something sensual about the ambience — some sort of a gentle fragrance in the room. She felt him crawl on top of her.

She realized he was naked, and for the first time she felt a skin to skin contact with a man. She got aroused instantly as he was lying on top of her rubbing his body against her, with loving kisses and caresses.

He ran his fingers through her freshly washed hair. It had a soft silky feel, and they still had the fragrance of the shampoo.

He locked lips with her, and Pankhudi responded more passionately than ever. When their tongues met, she felt a familiar tingle in her pussy, just that it was much stronger now.

She felt him kiss her neck and she was moaning faintly. His hands grabbed her breasts, and squeezed them hard.

She felt his tongue on her nipple. She moaned even louder. This was the first time he was licking her nipples.

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